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Born to Tina Turner and Flava Flav, Larrissa Wolton is the highly-revered, no-nonsense, eye-patched Queen of the babeslices. Known for her jet blonde hair, wicked ways and a stare that would make Pierce Brosnan blush, she is a fucking terrifying individual. She maintains her strength by drinking a standard 50/50 mixture of unicorn tears and childrens blood. This, along with a strenuous regime of fighting and napping, keeps her in tip-top shape, just in case anyone says anything about her tits.

Knowing no bounds is her only boundary.
Builder: "Nice tits"

Larrissa Wolton (aka Blabe-splice): "I only know two things; taking names and kicking ass. And I forgot my pencil. Come at me bro."
by Pete845 October 13, 2011