A shy, insecure, hopefull girl who is most likely brunette. Very misunderstood by everyone who can't look beyond her sadness.Beyond that is a big hearted good friend with a huge personallity. She was once the happiest girl to be known but she has gone through a lot. She still holds onto happiness and is appreciative of all the little things. She stays strong the best she can. When you see her give her a hug. She is very dependent and can't do this alone. Her happiness lies within acceptance.
Larissa is needy in the most innocent way.
by Jenna Silerstein October 05, 2012
Top Definition
a sweet girl with a nice personality...

body is a banging
Damnn, you see Larissa walking down the hall
by KChloie May 29, 2008
A girl who is usually a brunette, sometimes a blonde. Nice, kind, funny. She is happy most of the time, but when she has a broken heart, she becomes sad. Larissa's usually cover up there sadness pretty well but one day it will all come out when they least expect it. They are usually popular, nice to just about everyone, and very little hate them. All Larissa's are looking for is someone to sweep them off their feet. They can be lonely, they can be lost, but Larissa is just looking to be found.. by the man of her dreams.
Boy One: There's a Larissa... You can tell by her fake smile.

Boy Two: Yeah, and her rockin' body!!
by Jeaniex3 November 29, 2010
a sweet girl with a perfect smile,
whoose head always hurts, and get moody
at times
your so larissa
by bf(L) January 24, 2009
Larissa girl you are lucky to know a sweet girl with a perfect smile that brightens up the room, and a crazy laugh ! A girl who is usually a blonde and acts it. Larissa Has the wildest personality. Always having fun... in every situation. Has the wildest personality, and has the biggest heart! shes unique... still catches the eye in a pleasing way. Larissa's are naturally gifted in many ways, including music (like singing , rapping.) there usually VERY popular and nice to just about everyone. She's strong, wise, and unpredictable. Sometimes tends to fall too fast, and get too carried away in boys and their sweet-talk. She's A loyal and honest friend who's always there. Doesn't give a damn what people have to say about her. She often changes her mind; but at the end of the day, she knows what she wants, and she won't stop until she get's it.
Usually a name for a person that is a walking Goddess. Gorgeous to the maximum, fun to talk to, easy to be friend with a sexy booty. Often pulls off the innocent act but she gets around. a girl with lots of class ! sexy voice you'll ever hear. She also has a nice body ;D Her personality and just her as a person is hard to hate; one can't help but love Larissa. She's THE best girlfriend a girl (and a guy) could ever have. Call yourself a lucky duck if you're dating a Larissa. She's sweet, gorgeous, sexy, smart, hilarious, cuddley, adorable, awesome, outgoing, and cute person.
the girl with big bad boobs.

"wow whos that lady?'

"oh thats larissa."

"i feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest!"

"shes addictive. i cant take my eyes off her."
by babycakes7685904 May 28, 2012
The sexiest little fuzzy haired chick around! She could bite someones head of when shes mad. Lots of freckles and funnnnnyyyy.
Larissa, Just a pretty girl. With big bad boobies
by Terri davy October 23, 2007
Larissa is so outgoing. She's such a big dreamer and loves to fool around. Usually a brunette or blonde and loves to be with friends. She's easily mistaken as a jerk or "too good for you" type, however is such a beautiful person on the inside. She can have questionable friends - she tries to friend everyone in hopes to make them happy. She's usually very popular and is always a favourite. She's amazing and always there for you. Larissa is a good catch and has the brightest smile EVER. She's known to be not very athletic, but yet has an crazy awesome body figure! Se can have problems with self dislike, but all in all is awesome.
Stranger: "Hey, who's that?"
Friend of Larissa: "that's Larissa"
Stranger: "niceeee"
by HonestlyGurl1212 November 26, 2012
A girl that gets attached to animals,people,and love very easily. She doesn't think she is beautiful even if everyone tells her that she is. She is nice fun outgoing weird and loving. Dont let her niceness hide her bitchyness she has. She will rarely use it unless she is very angry. She is an amazing friend that will always be there for you, dont let that friendship leave. She will hold in things as long as she can but here is always going to be that one person she will explode on once she has had enough crap.
Larissa is soo nice
really? cause the other day she was a bitch to me
by Larry_isfab August 15, 2014
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