To laugh until you barf. (verb)

Vomit from laughing too hard. (noun)
Our first date didn't go so well. The waiter accidentally spilled red wine on her white dress, and to make matters worse, I couldn't stop laughing until I larfed all over the table.

My first job interview didn't go so well either. The interviewer told a witty joke to break the ice, and I couldn't keep from larfing on his desk.

Why did you two break up?
Well, she began to tickle me while we were in bed, and you know how ticklish I am, so I couldn't keep myself from... well, let's just say that a little bit of my larf went in her mouth.
by Max Castillo March 26, 2011
Top Definition
a good time, or a good idea
Sounds like a larf.
by CloveSmoke September 24, 2003
crappy immature mj buds ;
term coined by us locals here in Southern California for shitty immature herb
this weed so larfy tastes like someone blew a hit in ur face lmao
by elseg420 July 03, 2009
Larf is simply a playful way of spelling laugh. It's good to say that you "larfed" instead of laughed, because, well, laughed is plain and ordinary and is used for every day situations, while larf is the result of something more unexpected and spontaneous. This is the crux of larf's meaning. It is used mostly from unexpected and spontaneous moments.
We sat by the cozy warm glow of the evening fire, me and my other. It was so serene and pure. Suddenly, she sneezed and farted at the same time. We larfed together in cackling harmony.
by marstonius11 April 26, 2009
to laugh in olden times
lets go to the comedy pub and have ourselves a larf
by Amir Abyaneh July 17, 2003
British play on word, "laugh."
As seen on soundtrack album cover for Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Lots of Larfs n' Sex!
by bbbobb December 07, 2009
something you do for fun
we built a shack for a larf
by newfie by February 08, 2013
Friend: "That girl is super hot!"
Friend 2: "Dude, she's like, 65."
You: "Larf."
by mr. elephant August 30, 2011

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