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A derogitory term against the obese, created by a group of Bedford High School students in 2008.
Person1: Dude i just ate a bigmac in two bites!
Person2: Lardcakes
by EdibleFood January 09, 2010

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The Little Debbie cakes that are made for every holiday, the original being the Zebra Cakes. Called lard cakes because the icing is made with so much lard it leaves a grease layer on the roof of your mouth after eating them.
I love these lard cakes , but hate wiping the grease off the roof of my mouth after eating them.
by Cledis and Mojo November 30, 2011
Someone who is overly obese, synonyms are as follows: husky, chubby, fatty, tubster, tubs of lard, mctubberson, fatty mcfatterson, jiggly, Jiggly Puff (Copyright Pokemon & Nintendo), big boned, fat, tubbalisish, and lardy.
Man, did you see that lady? She is THE biggest Lard Cake ever!
by llama grass March 22, 2011