v: A medieval term meaning meaning masturbate.

Hello class, what do you love to do?
I like drawing!
by Geoffrey Leavitt April 09, 2008
Top Definition
The windiest, shitiest, drunkest place I've ever been. Fags not welcome.
God I can't wait to graduate and get the fuck out of Laramie. Of course I'll have to sober up first and pass my classes.
by GetoutofLaramie April 12, 2007
Beautiful. Smart, witty and brave. Makes everyone laugh. Creates her own fun. True to her friends. Forgives easily. Even when shes not shes hot!
Laramie is funny as hell.
by ghs2014 February 05, 2010
Not as big as Fort Collins, not as pretty as Fort Collins and not as much to do as Fort Collins, but at least it has successful athletic programs. And college graduates from Laramie can actually find work.
No matter how hard Fort Collins tries, it will never quite match Laramie, Wyoming.
by ddm8181 September 01, 2010
An unpredictable location in Southeastern Wyoming with odd weather patterns. Viewed as many as uninhabitable, it instead is Mother Nature's way of weeding out all the obnovious loser liberals and out-of-state sissies who think that Laramie is horrible. That way, the hard-working, intelligent, conservative folk actually have a decent getaway from the world's garbage. That is, when the weather is cooperative, mostly in the summer.
"Geez, I hate Washington and Oregon. Such cesspools."
'We should move somewhere without all this, that's nice.'
"Yeah! Somewhere like Laramie!"
by DodgersRock1289 November 15, 2011
Laramie is a person who urban dictionary thinks likes a person Named cole and cole might like her too.....
Laramie and cole should date some day
by Notcole123 May 08, 2014
Beautiful, smart, witty, and brave. Makes everyone laugh. She cares about everyone and has a great personality. She creates her own fun. She is true to her friends and forgives easily.
Laramie looks beautiful all the time!
by amandajb2215 October 10, 2013
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