Pronounced "La dash oh" (one word). A young man far beyond his years, in every respect. He has taste only for the most expensive, the most refined, the most platinum. He's way more platinum than you. You can't help but be impressed. And then you see his women, if he deems you worthy. You can't contain yourself. There are so many of them. They are so hot. They are so satisfied. Your jealousy consumes you. You start acting so unlike La-O. He slaps the shit out of you and says, "See ya around, b*tch". Except he won't. La-O has no room for second chances.
You wish your kid was a La-O.
by La-O's B November 05, 2014
1. looks like some stick guy masterbating if you put the letters diagonally.
2.Lao people get mad when they see the masterbating stick guy, and they want to go beat up the person who made that up.
1. Haha! if you put LAO diagonally and put it upside down it looks like a guy masterbating!
2.Lao person: Alright who the fuck made that shit up!? I'm going to beat the crap out of him!!!
by Melnoy July 10, 2008
Typically meaning masturbating. There is a certain way you write it to sum it up.

Try it yourself! Just grab a piece of paper and a pen and you're off to the races! Follow my lead. Write an uppercase L, then write an uppercase A with the point of the A right on the end of the L, finally write an O on the right leg of the A. Make sure the O is centered on the right leg of the A.

"Dude, I finally got a girlfriend! No more LAO'ing for me!"
by Walker Anderson September 17, 2007
A group of 2 people who are cool and awesome and beautiful and everything in between.
"Whoa, SuperGirl and SuperSid are laos to the max"

"Check out that turnip, it is not laos in any way"
by Steeeephen May 02, 2008
If you put these letters together at an angle and turn them upside down it looks like a guy jacking off
I laughed my ass off after I wrote down the LAO trick.
by MoNsTrOuS CoOkIe February 15, 2011
A word mainly used United Kingdom and surrounding areas.

This word, like alot of slang in the UK, has a variety of meanings.

It can mean you disagree with something someone has said, or dont want to do something.

It also means you are not interested in something.

In contrast to this, it can also mean you agree with something, or like something.

Lao is commonly used to express distress or anoyance.
Ben: Oi jake wanna go down the pub?

Jake: Lao that


Jake: ahh laaaooo that girl is bare hot

Ben: lllaaaooo that!


Ben: That work has got to be in tomorrow

Jake: ah lao! i havnt even started it

Ben: ah be orrite

Jake: laolaolao
by Bennetto March 24, 2008
a group of race from southeast asia who like to add sugar in their pho.
Laos people like to ruin a good bowl of pho by adding sugar to it.
by anonoymous! June 11, 2007
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