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Noun: Land of million elephants (AKA Lan Xang). Referring to all things good and beautiful.

Adj: People of Laos.
Noun: My associate at work is from Laos.
Adj: I love laos dance. That laos woman is beautiful.
by tinko April 22, 2008
Small landlocked country in Southeast Asia.
A poor country that was ruled by a corrupt communist government.
Many people came from Laos to America for refuge...hooray.
Commonly confused for Chinese or Japanese people.
"So are you Chinese or Japanese?"
"I'm from Laos, stupid, a small landlocked country in Southeast Asia."
"So...are you Chinese or Japanese?"
by J3rr0d August 11, 2005
A country in southeast asia from which good things come. Along with Thailand and Myranmar form the Golden Triangle. Locals never pronounce the "s" in Laos.
We were on the watch for bandits in Laos.
by Spavard July 14, 2005
Country in Southeast Asia. Different from Lagos, which is in Nigeria. Also different from Lays, which is a brand of chip.
No, I've never been to Laos.
by Diggity Monkeez May 02, 2005
A native inhabitant of the country Laos (Located by the Mekong river)
Lao people are one of the asian minorities.
by Lori Inthisone January 11, 2005
From the country Laos located in Southeast Asia inbetween Thailand and Vietnam. Laotian is the language spoken. Known for our very spicy foods. Mistakenly, fallen into the category of chink or a gook which is referred to Chinese or Vietnamese peeps not Lao peeps.
Hey man...them Lao peeps always be BBQ'n.

Yo...that thum mak hoong that Lao peeps be making is hella spicy...
by Noy April 28, 2005
Typically meaning masturbating. There is a certain way you write it to sum it up.

Try it yourself! Just grab a piece of paper and a pen and you're off to the races! Follow my lead. Write an uppercase L, then write an uppercase A with the point of the A right on the end of the L, finally write an O on the right leg of the A. Make sure the O is centered on the right leg of the A.

"Dude, I finally got a girlfriend! No more LAO'ing for me!"
by Walker Anderson September 17, 2007