The capital of Michigan.
Is Mike Lansing (former Rockies 2B) from Lansing, Michigan?
by Diggity Monkeez January 14, 2005
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The state capital of Michigan and its 6th largest city, with about 100,000 residents and declining. It is a typical Rust Belt Community. It was the home to Ransolm Olds (Oldsmobile) but the plants have skipped town or closed all together. Lansing is next door to Michigan State University in East Lansing. Due to the presence of the University and the state government, the Lansing area has a more diverse population and economy than the rest of Michigan.
Lansing is a good area to live as far as the rest of Michigan is concerned.
by krock1dk November 03, 2007
The capital of Michigan and also a small town in New York.
I'm from Lansing!

Dude you suck!

No, Lansing New York!

Oh! OK, cool!
by phant0m March 26, 2005
A place where gangster ass niggas come from. the capitol of michigan
Im from lansing,
word nigga, thats the hardest place in michigan
by jermaine517 November 28, 2007
Capitol of Michigan, a small town in New York, and a town in Illinois near Chicago that I live next to. Search it on Google if you dont believe me!!
lambofdog36: a/s/l?
ballzofsteell45: 22, male, Lansing
lambofdog36: Oh really? Michigan?
ballzofsteell45: no way, Illinois!
lambofdog36: Oh sry, lol
by Karl Morgan April 08, 2006
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