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When two or more people setup their computers on the same local area network (LAN), and in most cases, play video games together. People lanning often host LAN Parties consisting of many people on the same LAN, and like to do things like pull allnighters and consume TONS of caffeine. Currently, most people like to lan together to play first person shooters, or strategic games in which it is very important to communicate.
George: Hey Fred, you wanna go see a movie tomorrow night?
Fred: Sorry dude, tommorow I'm gonna be Lanning with some friends.. You can come as long as you bring your own computer and LAN cable, though!
George: Well I don't know, it depends what you guys are gonna be playing.
Fred: Don't worry man, we're gonna be playin Starcraft and CounterStrike.
George: Sweet, I'm in!
Fred: Yeah, but don't forget to bring your own caffeine!
#lanparty #lan #local area network #lan tournament #what i am doing right now
by Jonas! July 22, 2006
The act of fucking about debating minor details of a plan esp. when followed by an almost inevitable no show.
"Culley stop lanning and just commit for once in your piss poorly planned time wasting existence"
#pissing about #nit picking #fiddling #time wasting #efficient (ant) #decisive (ant)
by JournoBen July 29, 2008
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