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Rhyming term for the sex organ of a Sinhalese or Dravidian female. Noted for its extremely large cavernous size, which is a by-product of steatopygia & the need to accomodate the enormous 'Lanka Black Cobra' or Dravidian Penis. So named as the vast Lankan Empire of the deified Dravida king Ravana the Great included both Sri Lanka & South India.

Genetic studies have proven the common Dravidoid origin of South Indians & Sinhalese, with Negroid-Australoid features esp. noticeable among the demographically dominant Shudra Govi caste. As G K Kshatriya concludes after a systematic study, "The Bengalis, the Tamils, & the Veddahs are considered parental populations for the Sinhalese. The Bengali contribution is 25.41%, the Tamil (India) contribution is 69.86%, and the Veddah contribution is only 4.73%. Thus the Sinhalese have a predominantly Tamil (India) contribution followed by the Bengalis & the Veddahs." 'Genetic affinities of Sri Lankan populations' G K Kshatriya. Hum Biol 67.6 (Dec 1995) 843-66.

Hence, historical stereotypes regarding the blackness & vaginal magnitude of Dravidian Women are naturally projected onto Ceylonese dames as well, with both being considered 'Rakshasis' & the 'Negresses of India'. Prakrit-Sanskrit sexological works thus term the Lankan lady & the Dravidi alike as 'Hastini' or 'Elephant-Woman', on account of their bulky dark physiques & enormous elephantine vaginas.
eg) That the Lanka Vagina is large & accustomed to Dravida-sized penises is a topic of Khushwant Singh's novel 'The Company of Women'. Thus, a Sri Lankan lady expresses no shock when she sees the protagonist Mohan Kumar's penis, even though it had been described as exceeding the average African-American Penis:

"Mohan Kumar ... goes to Haridwar .. There he meets a few foreigners including {p.38} Susanthika Goonatillake from the High Commission of Sri Lanka. She is a Buddhist ... Then she invites him to her room in BHEL Guest House. After exchanging amicabilities, Susanthika sits on his lap & kisses him. Naturally Mohan Kumar is aroused. 'She felt my member rise & throb under her. She stood up & tapped it with her bony hand. 'He's getting impatient for action. Come.' She took my hand and led me to her bed. She lay down on her back & pulled her sari up above the waist. She wore no panties. She had planned it all. I was surprised to see how BIG her cunt was. She had obviously had plenty of sex. As I mounted her, she expressed NO SURPRISE about the size of my penis as most other women had: she simply guided it in with her fingers & said, 'It feels like Ashoka's pillar entering me. I like it. Put in all you have.'" - ( 'The Company of Women: A Tragedy of Lust' Basavaraj Naikar. 28-50 in: 'Indian writing in English' Rama Kundu (Anglistin.) N Delhi: Atlantic Publishers & Dist, 2008: 37-8; 'The Company of Women' Khushwant Singh. N Delhi: Penguin Books, 1999, p 207.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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