A timid elderly lady; A frail old woman ; A worn out penis pump
i met this really old Lange today; i need to get a new penis pump mine is lange
by giVstany April 14, 2011
Top Definition
Binging on porn until you fall asleep. Then, waking up the next morning to porn on your computer, causing you to be late to school.
Hey Mitchell why were you so late to school today?
Ya bro, I langed...
That sucks.
by lolcopterdaddy March 02, 2011
A mix between lane and change. usually happens when changing lanes or when lanes suddenly change without one noticing soon enough. It is potentially dangerous when one langes.
Passenger: Hey man indicate before you lange.
Driver: Oh darnnit! I didn't see that guy in my blind spot, that was potentially dangerous.

The other night i was cruising hard on the highway and the road suddenly langed. . . damn road constructions.
by spirimadigger January 04, 2011
That little dribblage you get when you whack of REAL hard and then you zip up but then you get this persistent little cum GUSH.
So I was whacking it to Chornster, and it was a good solid load, but that I got Langed. It was rough.
by Skitzo88 March 08, 2003
Lange-(noun): UK DJ of such hits as Follow Me & Drifting Away.
Lange is a Trance Disc-Jockey.
by TA March 14, 2005
small Asian man often found in gambling establishments
Look at that Lange at the blackjack table, he has been there for hours!
by frank flash October 05, 2004
Verb. to severely fuck up

Noun. a faggot or one that likes dick or an annoying or shitty situation that is not fun

Adj. Not fun or gay
wtf he is making out with another dude...wow what a Lange.
by pussyyyynucckka October 20, 2010
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