Hmmm.....whoever posted that one must go to Gonzaga..cause Prep guys arent that sad. These so called "losers" are ranked in the top 10 nationally every year....suck on that queer. Every year, Landon laxers go to d1 schools and are even all americans.
Zaga tool- Hey did u see Matt Ward score 5 goals last night
Zaga tool #2- yeah I sweat him so much
Landon guy- yeah, he went to Landon
by Bullis=Sad April 10, 2005
Top Definition
Very advanced highschool lacrosse players, that could probably win against a few D1 college teams. Even my team in Darien, CT doesn't stand much of a chance. I went to see a few games last year, because my grandparents live in Bethesda and I went to visit them, and my cousins.
If you play lacrosse at Landon High, you are extremely talented.
by Matt-crosse April 27, 2005
These are prob the coolest guys in MD.....not. There the biggest fags who think they are worshiped by everyone.
Laxer: Wow im a God, i can get anyone i want to..but i prefer guys.
by John December 05, 2004
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