Slang term for a joint , or, marijuana cigarette.
"Charlie just rolled a fat Lando!"
by Andrew Ptasinskas March 21, 2007
A person deprived of a childhood.

A consequence of this deprival is that said person becomes a traitor in all aspects of their lives.
"Hey, remember Ghost Castle? How cool was that?

"Ghost what?"

"you fucking Lando, I bet you don't even remember The A-Team, Fun House or Finders Keepers."

"you're making these shows up."

"No I'm not you wierdo. You're just likethat dude in Big, becoming an adult overnight, missing your entire childhood."

"Big? Never heard of it."

"Lando, shut up you bloody Judas."
by Ian "The Main Man" Mckenna April 21, 2005
a filthy slang term being used more and more in the inner city by gangs to degrade african-americans.
"hey raul, look at that lando over there by the weener station. he should be picking cotton!"
by rsa December 04, 2004
A symbol of all that is cool and/or rad. Very interesting. Sleek. As seen on Family Guy episode 'Let's Go To The Hop'.
That joke was very Lando.
by Fetus September 22, 2003
Its a short term meaning to receive a hand-job. As lando sounds like hando or hand-job. It is used when family members are in a earshot from your conversation where hand-jobs may be referenced.
Guy 1: "hey man how was your date last night?"
Guy 2: "it was awesome I got a major lando"
by totallynottheguywhosaidhewould January 30, 2015

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