A woman who is easy to lay, but getting rid of her is very dangerous and difficult.
Be careful to not let her know where you live, she's a landmine.
by caseybv May 26, 2013
A thin ugly chick.
Ronnie was hooking up with grenades, fat ugly chicks, and land mines, thin ugly chicks and lovin life.
by ronniejerseyshorewow July 29, 2010
dog dirt, or any faeces that someone has the misfortune to step on.
"I'll be picking bits of muesli shrapnel from my shoes for days - I've just stepped on a landmine"
by Ronny St Papps December 22, 2004
The ugly bitch that somehow finds her way into a magazine that is supposed to feature hot women only. When the page is turned to her the reader suprised with unpleasantness... sort of like a landmine.
Watch out Janet Reno is on page 63 of Playboy this month.
by Tbone July 16, 2003
a scenario in which someone leaves their baby batter on the floor of a communal shower such as in a dorm bathroom. this is then followed by someone using said shower and stepping in it while barefoot. hence a landmine.
i heard bobby went to take a shower and stepped in a landmine. hes gonna kill whoever did it
by dboy999 August 08, 2011
A pile of dog poopy in your yard or any general area you are walking. Same as a dogpile.
Be careful when you are walking through Seymour's yard, it's loaded with land mines from his two St. Bernard dogs.

Oh fooey! I stepped in a land mine outside and I smeared it all over your Persian rug! I'm not going to apologize though, you're the one who choses to have a dog.
by howardzend February 16, 2006
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