Sort of like a high-end Jeep - a luxurious, gas guzzling, low quality, unreliable pile of crap. The difference is that Land Rovers are for people who don't know how to fix it themselves, but actually *can* afford to pay someone else to do it - a yin to the Jeep driver's yang.

They are usually driven by people whose elitism wouldn't allow them to drive a far more reliable, far higher quality, and equally off-road-capable Japanese 4x4. Land Rovers are particularly favored by middle aged men who remember waaaay back when Land Rovers were actually better than other off-road vehicles. They longed for one as a child, so now they remain in denial about the unpleasant reality of their dream car.

The main trait all Land Rover enthusiasts share is a desperate need to feel and express superiority over Americans and/or Japanese.

Women who choose Landies do so for the only reason any woman chooses any car - they like the way it looks. This is by far the most logical reason to drive a Land Rover - you go girls!

Contrary to popular myth, Land Rovers are never driven by people on safari - or anyone who needs reliable transportation more than a few miles from the dealership. A few people tried it, but they were all eaten by lions.
Land Rover Driver: "Gosh look at all those poor Jeep drivers. They aren't truly hardcore consumers like me. I spent *so* much more on my clunker than they did on theirs"

Range Rover Passenger: "What? I can't hear you over all the noise coming from engine bay."

Land Rover Driver: "I said... Oh, never mind, honey. We need to go pick up the kids from soccer practice. Now, how do I ask the SatNav for direction again?"
by Cliff Tan July 17, 2008
"That's cool you drive a Discovery? What a main line mom car"
by Main Liner March 09, 2005
A poorly made Jeep clone that thanks to bad design and electrolysis starts rusting away from the time the panels are together to the frame.
The bright person who thought of bolting aluminum panels to a steel frame should be shot.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 11, 2004
1. A poor quality vehicle. The worst vehicle in terms of depedability, corrosion prevention, serviceability and poorly engineering.

2. A vehicle which value depreciates 25% or more when all 4 tires leave the dealers lot. No other vehicle has a poorer depreciation value. A bad investment

3. A vehicle that will get you there(maybe), but you will have to walk home.

4. A vehicle that the body is made from Aluminum. Land Rover bodies do not rust. They corrode, and this is the best thing Rovers do. Land Rovers steel frames rust.

5. A vehicle that is an electrical nightmare.

6. A vehicle that quality is so poor that Ford Motor Company had to buy it. Now they wish they did'nt.

7. A vehicle that parts must be preordered and kept on hand due to the fact that parts are not carried at regular auto parts stored

7. A vehicle that MILF's like.
I saw a cool Landie today on the side of the freeway. The hood was up but that's usual.

I'd rather push a Land Cruiser than ride in a Land Rover. Hell I'd rather dive a Jeep, and they suck too.

#1 Let's go fourwheelin, I just got my Rover running again.
#2 No way man, My Land Cruiser and I are tired of draging your British junk back to town.

by SlackJawMF February 21, 2007
Land Rover: The ultimate four-wheel drive.
Land Rover "Series": The best 4x4xfar. Land Rover Series vehicles ARE the pinicle which others aspire to be. They will go any where and do anything.
Jeep was not the first, Willy's was and Land Rover perfected it.
A stock Series Land Rover, 30-60 years old, will turn more heads than a tricked Hummer. Classics are forever.
by 1973 Series III 88SWB November 11, 2006

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