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Caucasian Definition:
An expression used when one finds himself in a difficult and trying situation and somehow manages to pull out a viable and productive outcome.

Ghetto Definition:
When you're about to get fucked but your like, fuck that nigga, I gotta plan.
Scenario 1:

Heikal: My girlfriend walked in on me having sex with her best friend.

Divyam: Holy shit! What did you do?!

Heikal: I did what any normal man would do - I told her to take off her clothes and join in.

Divyam: Way to land it on the hudson.

Scenario 2:

Jon: The cops caught me having sex with a minor.

Umair: Holy crap, how the hell did you get away with it?

Jon: The cop was homo, so I let him suck me off and do me up the ass. He let me go afterwards.

Umair: way to land it on the hudson

Scenario 3:

Bocchi: Fuck I just lost all my money on fucking SPONGETECH FUCK!!! THAT WAS NEARLY 10 Gs!! I hate MOSKOWITZ!

Nimesh: FUCK Yo I lost 8 Gs, lets just land it on the hudson, and get his daughter pregnant by a black man.
by PrinceURJordanTheThird April 11, 2009
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