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1. A phrase said by shipmen when they sight land.
2. A prostitute that is not at sea.
1. Thar be land! Land ho!
2. She's such a land ho.
by DragonlordALS July 09, 2004
A whorish female. Land ho doesn't neccesarily mean they're large, fat, or whale-like, but it's a nice addition if they are fat. It's sorta like how to pass off calling a girl a whore in front of teachers without getting teachers pissed. You're supposed to scream it like when a sailor spots land.
Chick one: "Ugh, here she comes. I can't believe she's dating Monty. She knows I've liked him for, like, ever."

Chick Two: "I know, right? What a bitch."

Chick One: "What a-- Oh, shit, there's a teacher right there... Hey, Kristin!"

Kristin: "What is it?"

Chick One and Two: "LAND HO!"
by CyanideKiss February 23, 2010
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