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one who refrains from bathing for long periods of time. this term is generally used for someone you despise and wish death upon.
Lancelot is a JERK and he smells like butt.
by delmur December 03, 2003
An impressive trick. If you succeed in performing a Lancelot trick, you become King Arthur.
elephant: whoa, that was Lancelot!
budgie: yeah, now I'm King Arthur
by inakicacaman September 30, 2012
A mistaken reference for anything that happens to resemble actor Sean Connery.
Person 1: Oh! A west highland terrier! Look at his white beard! Let's call him Lancelot!

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: Because he looks like Sean Connery!

Person 2: ...but didn't Sean Connery play Arthur?

Person 1: ...Shut up
by WelcomeToYourVice June 03, 2009
Lancelot > Mancelot > Manslut

A man who acts like a slut.
He's down in the pub acting a righteous
sir Lancelot.
by Mr. Soul July 30, 2008
an girl emo, a sad (unhappy) person
Person 1 : Look at her!
Person 2: Yeah, she's got a tough of lancelot about her!
by Hevz February 05, 2007