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Lance Vance Dance pronounced: Lonce Vonce Donce

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's character Lance Vance and Tommy Vercetti are on the 'Phnom Penh' Mission in which the Lance Vance Dance is done for the first time.
The Lance Vance Dance is...

1. Screaming obscene insults and shooting people with a high powered automatic weapon from a helicopter.

2. An enamored psychotic GTA: Vice City fan humping a couch and shouting DO THE LONCE VONCE DONCE.
1. Nat: "I got me a rhino-copter and shot down them hoes this weekend"

Colleen: I wouldn't sit on that.
Friend: Why?
Colleen: Natalie did the Lance Vance dance on it.
Friend: OHH SICK!
by Colleen & Natalie May 22, 2007
Created by Lance Vance from GTA: Vice City. The Lance Vance Dance (pronounced: Lonce Vonce Donce).

1. The Lance Vance Dance consistes of the video game character shooting out of a helicopter and cussing out people who can't hear him.

2. Your best friend humping your couch.
1. Dude, let's steal a helicopter and do the Lance Vance Dance.

2. "Natalie totally did the Lance Vance Dance on Colleen's couch."
by C-Fo March 25, 2007
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