beware of lanas. they might be scary stalker peoples that u should stay far far away from. but of course this is only when they are actually short, shaggy haired drug dealers that you annoyed and trying to get back at you. so beware. before they jump out from behind a door and rape you.
omg there goes a lana. HIDE!
by The PoEoRoSoOoN April 15, 2010
Lana is "anal" spelt backwards. This is a hilarious way to represent or mention the word "anal" in conversations or innapropriate situations...mainly because it sounds like a girl's name. Speaking from experience, it is also plausible to make many puns related to butt secks. Knowing the fact that this word is the reverse spelling of "anal" consequently means you will now find it very difficult to keep a straight face when you engage in a conversation with a girl named Lana.
"Man, Lana can surely be a tight-ass sometimes..."

"Oh loosen up will you only poking fun"

"Hey Kate! why don't you hop into my window-less van and we go for a ride ...and perhaps i can introduce you to Lana?"
by Gundeh July 05, 2008 a terms referring to anal (lana spelt backwards is anal)
2.Can also be used to refer someone's reaction like cool or i'm down.
originated from Sydney Australia
1.i think that girl want some lana
2. "hey we're going to a massive party saturday night"
by Lil Rizky October 05, 2007
Anal spelled backwords - A reference to male prison bonding (ya know what I mean) Used as a proper name.
Hey I heard Joe introduced Ted to Lana
by Neil Q. June 30, 2005
a Lana is usually an, Arrogant, bitch, self-centered, hypocrite, up-themselves, snob, cock sucker :)
I wouldn't like to be a Lana!
by loveyoulotsbabey December 30, 2011

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