money (literally 'wool'; Chicano, Mexican, Latino

so-called because it is often carried in a wallet, sometimes made of lambskin which is also called borrega
?tienas lana en tu borrega?
by Dennis January 08, 2005
Lana means she who is enlightened. Savior of almost lost causes and worker of miracles. Prettiest Blue eyes that look like the sky on a perfect summer eve. Loves illegal fireworks, monster trucks, and has a taste for the more refined things in life. A true lady but she might deny it because she is humble too. She likes good music like the Eagles and Taylor Swift. A Great Friend.
Lana swoped in and pulled my ass out of the trouble I got myself in.
by Bruce #1 February 11, 2015
Lil Pretty Girl With huge green eyees and loves to bites stuf :p
by james rainbow brown January 03, 2010
Lana is "anal" backwards. It is used in reference to a girl's ass.
Dude, check out that girl, she's sooo hot!

Meh, She has a cute face but no Lana.
by CoolCarrotz February 16, 2014
the word "Anal" bacwards.
that hoe's had a lot o lana
by fap fap revenge August 07, 2010
Lana is anal spelled backwards.
I named my daughter Lana because that's what I thought we were doing.

My daughter was an accident so I named her Lana because that's what we should have done.
by Skankzilla TAB November 25, 2010
A freckled-faced ginger who always bails out on plans but everyone still loves her because she's so cute and she kisses like a little birdie with her minuscule lips.
I wanted to hang out but she pulled a Lana
by locawoman June 22, 2010

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