lana is cool,, i just wanted to add one

and i think that any person called lana
hates being called anal so dont
yeah lana is cool lol
by lanalilian September 08, 2008
beauty incarnate , one who when walks into a room somehow doves fly out from behind her, a total hot babe who has a jesse
dude that Lana is fine i wish i had a Lana
by vicious_panda January 05, 2009
My favorite word spelled backwards.
I am in love with Lana!
by Xbmu April 02, 2015
Lana has the most amazing body.A pretty good kisser,if you call lana "anal" she would kill you... so dont

1.great girlfriend
2.big boobs
3.nice ass
4.loves music
5.has amazing friends
6.a total slut/whore
chris;Hey,did you see Lana today?
jack:yeah..Dayyumm shes hot!
chris:i know!i wish i was her boyfriend
by imyourlover October 21, 2009
Is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is the perfect mate for any guy lucky enough to please her.
Man, do i love my Lana. <3
by JayKat7512 September 12, 2013
A woman of high quality that possesses impeccable taste and flawless beauty. The original girl that lives life well-grounded and drama free. The genuine article; 'bout near perfect. She is, without question, the best friend you could ever hope to have.
Have you met Lana? She is the best person, ever. Lana is the real Deal, indeed.
by #one January 05, 2014
really sexy ass girl that everyone wants to hook up with...
nice body... nice tits.... nice ass... the whole package
everyone wants to be her.. and she is inteligent and gorgeous...
ethan: OMG have you seen Lana today?!
George: Yesss man she looks HOT!
ethan: i know right! if she wasnt taken, i'd totally tap that..
george: save some room for me ;)
by Lana Ross March 09, 2011

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