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Lil Pretty Girl With huge green eyees and loves to bites stuf :p
by james rainbow brown January 03, 2010
A stunning girl with a great personality. She has a great body and she never gives up. When she walks into a room, the whole room focuses on her. She is the life of the party. When she laughs, people want to be friends with her. When she talks, her voice lures people in. Guys want to be with her, and she is slow to love. She doesn't like to move fast, and she takes her time. She has a great heart and she's beautiful. All guys think she's sexy.
Damn! Have you seen that new girl in class?
Yeah! She must be Lana.

God, I wish I was her boyfriend...
by bieberlover101 April 23, 2013
Lana has the most amazing body.A pretty good kisser,if you call lana "anal" she would kill you... so dont

1.great girlfriend
2.big boobs
3.nice ass
4.loves music
5.has amazing friends
6.a total slut/whore
chris;Hey,did you see Lana today?
jack:yeah..Dayyumm shes hot!
chris:i know!i wish i was her boyfriend
by imyourlover October 21, 2009
Is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She is the perfect mate for any guy lucky enough to please her.
Man, do i love my Lana. <3
by JayKat7512 September 12, 2013
really sexy ass girl that everyone wants to hook up with...
nice body... nice tits.... nice ass... the whole package
everyone wants to be her.. and she is inteligent and gorgeous...
ethan: OMG have you seen Lana today?!
George: Yesss man she looks HOT!
ethan: i know right! if she wasnt taken, i'd totally tap that..
george: save some room for me ;)
by Lana Ross March 09, 2011
Lana is just too good for words. It is normal that she'd get complimented by a million boys in a day because the boys are just telling the truth. She is the most caring, the sweetest, and an extremely loving person that people's dream is to be so close with. You would wish that you were to fall in love with her cause you would know that she would be the only one that'd treat you even better than perfect. I know for a fact that she'd understand everything and be there whenever you need her. Basically, she is that well-known, really attractive, girl that has the ability to make every boy nervous by just even being around them. It was a pleasure for me to meet Lana. If you don't know her yet, don't worry because she is easily noticed, being the prettiest girl in the crowd. I love you Lana so much, its funny because you have no idea how much <3
"What is the greatest thing that happened to you throughout your whole life?"
"I met Lana <3"
by Hammie01 June 09, 2014
A woman of high quality that possesses impeccable taste and flawless beauty. The original girl that lives life well-grounded and drama free. The genuine article; 'bout near perfect. She is, without question, the best friend you could ever hope to have.
Have you met Lana? She is the best person, ever. Lana is the real Deal, indeed.
by #one January 05, 2014