Lana is "anal" spelt backwards. This is a hilarious way to represent or mention the word "anal" in conversations or innapropriate situations...mainly because it sounds like a girl's name. Speaking from experience, it is also plausible to make many puns related to butt secks. Knowing the fact that this word is the reverse spelling of "anal" consequently means you will now find it very difficult to keep a straight face when you engage in a conversation with a girl named Lana.
"Man, Lana can surely be a tight-ass sometimes..."

"Oh loosen up will you only poking fun"

"Hey Kate! why don't you hop into my window-less van and we go for a ride ...and perhaps i can introduce you to Lana?"
#lana #sex #butt secks #anal #funny
by Gundeh July 05, 2008
Top Definition
Lana is just too good for words. It is normal that she'd get complimented by a million boys in a day because the boys are just telling the truth. She is the most caring, the sweetest, and an extremely loving person that people's dream is to be so close with. You would wish that you were to fall in love with her cause you would know that she would be the only one that'd treat you even better than perfect. I know for a fact that she'd understand everything and be there whenever you need her. Basically, she is that well-known, really attractive, girl that has the ability to make every boy nervous by just even being around them. It was a pleasure for me to meet Lana. If you don't know her yet, don't worry because she is easily noticed, being the prettiest girl in the crowd. I love you Lana so much, its funny because you have no idea how much <3
"What is the greatest thing that happened to you throughout your whole life?"
"I met Lana <3"
#sexy #beautiful #smart #perfect #loveable
by Hammie01 June 09, 2014
A stunning girl with a great personality. She has a great body and she never gives up. When she walks into a room, the whole room focuses on her. She is the life of the party. When she laughs, people want to be friends with her. When she talks, her voice lures people in. Guys want to be with her, and she is slow to love. She doesn't like to move fast, and she takes her time. She has a great heart and she's beautiful. All guys think she's sexy.
Damn! Have you seen that new girl in class?
Yeah! She must be Lana.

God, I wish I was her boyfriend...
#lana #anal #beautiful #sexy #personality
by bieberlover101 April 23, 2013
sweet, melodious, soft voice, sensuous, caring, sultry, loyal friend and protective mother, smoldering hottie under the angelic appearance, a lady in every way, intelligent, educated and a fine specimen of womanhood who is peace loving and will work to make things right in the world, a true lover of all people who also makes a good teacher, nurse or healer. She is a born leader but humble about it, and will always encourage you to do your best. She has high standards and loves her men to be intelligent, kind, responsible and healthy. Once you have her heart, she will do anything for you. Once you betray her, she will forgive you but never trust you again. She is a good hearted woman, but not a fool.
#lana #lanna #lona #caring #sensuous #woman
by Love and Mercy February 02, 2010
Attractive, intelligent, generous, outgoing, and elegant.
Before you know it, you will feel captivated by her smile and charm.
She's the life of the party, but watch out, she can be a really feisty one at times.
Oh man, where are the Lana's of this world.
Give me a Lana!!! I want a Lana!!!
#elegant #charming #captivated #superman #clark kent
by vampx February 03, 2010
a very sexy girl that every hot man wants to fuck really hard
man, did you see lana?
#sexy #fuck #hard #hot #man
by katemossrocks12 January 20, 2009
Lana is so hot, she melts asphalt when she walks down the street. She heats her coffee up by looking soulfully at it. If you know a Lana, you are indeed lucky. Pfizer would go broke if men could carry a picture of Lana. Britney Spears wishes she could look like Lana. Has turned more women lesbian just by walking by them.
"Dude! Check out the babe over there!! She's totally Lana!"
#sexy #bootylicious #edible #fuckable #hottie
by WordMasterBling February 03, 2010
Extremely beautiful with mass sex appeal. Very confident, loving & devoted if you can keep her interest. Amazing mother, partner & lover. Likes variety & is easily bored. Almost everyone will want her, but she will have no clue why. Where ever see goes, heads will turn. Looks like no other, with a personality to match.....Many people male or female will find it extremely hard to resist her
Man I don't know what it is about Lana!
#lana #sex #appeal #hard #extremely
by wanting Lana November 12, 2010
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