insertion of a cranium into a vagina. spread labia lips apart w/ hand and smash head inside.
Galvy - what kind of Gel are you using?
Badia - actually it's slime left from last night, I wore my GF like a fuggin hat
Galvy - you mean you gave her a lampshade?
Badia - safe.
by The Pinky Pig October 30, 2006
An Eliabethan collar used on injured cats and dogs to prevent them from picking at the site of the injury. Also called a lampshade collar.
The cat needs a lampshade so she doesn't rip up her stitches, even though she hates it.
by meow2u3 February 18, 2008
a word used to describe a boy that is apathetic in his responses to a girl's flirtation methods; his lightbulb is disfunctional and therefore no electricity/LIFE runs through; aka "shoe box"
Ian is such a lampshade. Actually, they're ALL lampshades! They MUST be gay...
by anonymous lawn chair girl November 06, 2003
dumb slut, will do anything sexual without thinking about it. called lampshade cause she doesn't have a brain beneath the hair.
i told her i have herpes and the lampshade still gave me head in the alley.
by kingofpain September 30, 2007
a foreskin so big, you can make a lampshade out of it.
the uncut dude has a lampshade
by Illinois Joe November 21, 2004
something/someone that is really cool, and awesome
aslo used to describe really cool things
Lisa,the most popular kid in school, is so lampshade, Andrew wishes he was more like her.
by Lampshade Crew April 27, 2008
What they made out of Cooper's Grandparents.
Helmut! Vere ist the Shylock's vith das tattoes? I vill make Lampshade's out of them!
by Greg February 05, 2004
jewish skin that german soldiers used as lampshades.
i skinned crum and mcnac and made them into a lampshade
by mack January 18, 2004

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