insertion of a cranium into a vagina. spread labia lips apart w/ hand and smash head inside.
Galvy - what kind of Gel are you using?
Badia - actually it's slime left from last night, I wore my GF like a fuggin hat
Galvy - you mean you gave her a lampshade?
Badia - safe.
by The Pinky Pig October 30, 2006
An expression used to avert awkward situations/conversations.
Girl #1:blah blah ... and then I got my period and my day just got all the way worse...

Andrew: So... what's the deal with lampshades?
by triny_dmr April 20, 2010
Same principal as a teabag (To lower your body as to dip the testicles into an other's mouth)...

Only the teabagger is wearing a kilt.
Lamp Shade

How was Mike's wedding?

Pretty good I think. I can't remember much after lampshading the bridesmaid.
by dogpish July 28, 2010
When a chick has extreme amount of skin covering her clit
Look at some porn i dunno!
by ALyssa March 14, 2005
when people eat wierd unknown things
Brittney likes to give nick lampshades on christmas
by loverfun678 August 09, 2011
A person who is highly stupid, perverted, sexy, ugly, smart, annoying, smelly and really anything you can think of.

To describe the reason for calling someone "lampshade" is almost impossible since it covers all aspects of what a person might be, except if the person is depressed, then he is a lamp from IKEA
I just want to jizz on her tits and tell her mum about it.

Duuude, your such a lampshade
by abc800itd February 10, 2011
1. (n) a decorative piece in one's apartment that was once a human being; usually in the apartment of a complete weirdo who blows up your phone all day, tells you they want to marry you after the first week, and idolizes Ed Gein

2. (n) a waste of life; an individual that feels they are nothing more than a piece of furniture in their apartment because they have absolutely no energy from exerting themselves the night before
1. "Be careful on your blind date, I don't want you to be turned into a lampshade!!" / "I didn't work real hard my whole life to end up in aisle 18 of Wal-Mart, on sale for 19.99."

2. "I feel like a lampshade today."
by smashleigh91 July 28, 2009
An Eliabethan collar used on injured cats and dogs to prevent them from picking at the site of the injury. Also called a lampshade collar.
The cat needs a lampshade so she doesn't rip up her stitches, even though she hates it.
by meow2u3 February 18, 2008

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