a common internet typo for LMAO laugh my ass off


Teen1: I just farted in a jam jar then sealed it!

Teen2: LAMO !
by LLawliet March 18, 2009
1. Misenterpritation of the word LMAO-
(Laughing My Ass Off)

2. Lol, Tee Hee, ROFL, "Look At Me Im So Fucking Retarded That Im Laughing At What You Just Said"
"LAMO... That Was SOOOOO Fucking Hilarious!!!!!!"
by St. Jimmy's Follower June 08, 2005
1. some one stupid
2. Some one that asks a stupid question
p1: the earth is square
p2: no lamo
by Phill August 16, 2003
A form of chat abbreviation, sourcing from 'LMAO', as typed by a drunk speaker.

Potential meanings:

Lubricating a massive Ox

Lashing a masochistic Orc

Lovemaking, angry male Ogrillon
** sodalicious joined
<cloude> hi sodalicious
<sodalicious> aha hi cluoed!2
<cloude> uh yeah
<sodalicious> LAMO!1 :D
** sodalicious was kicked **
by Jakkar August 26, 2005
A geek trying to hard
lol look at that lamos pulling a cool joke

being such a lamos again

Lamos sometimes alias under the nickname; Bilge
by Bad December 17, 2003
a gay boy pretending to be a grl
John: Hey chck that lamo freak!
Guy: Oh thts jst sonia.
by Taziko chino March 31, 2007
1) A donkey.
2) A stupid or ugly person
1) "OMG. Mian looks like a lamo!"
2) "MianJian, you fucking lamo!!"
by SANDDEE February 15, 2008

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