One who is lame or is being lame.
Amy Leigh Unger, you are such a lameoid!
by shinta86 June 24, 2009
Top Definition
1) Having the characteristic of lame; One who is lame.
2) One who plays the character class of shaman in the video game World of Warcraft
1) Did you see the guy just face-plant on the concrete? What a lameoid

2) Guy 1: Caydiem is a lameoid
Guy 2: I didn't know she played a shaman?
by frozendevil January 11, 2006
A lameoid is someone who is lame. It is basically the noun form of the adjective word "lame"
Matt: "Are you two going to the show tonight?"

Alison & Marlo: "Nah, we're just going out to get something to eat."

Matt: "You lameoids!"
by Gandald the Grey Man May 23, 2008
Lame, to be extremely.
7thSeal is a lameoid.
by JohnnyWas June 25, 2005
A trucker of the MMOradio variety
The guy in main sure is a lameoid!
by Dr. Ruth February 26, 2005
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