A person who enjoys working for the man in preference to good food and company.
"Tania won't come to lunch, she is so lame"
by babyj June 09, 2005
A person who think they might be cool. such people who are lame might listen to alternative music. Being lame confuses their thought. Most Lame people are named Karen
Karen was a very lame person, everyone no she was the opposite of popular
by Ivan The 3rd October 24, 2007
wayne's favorite word
this assignment is lame
by skinsfan123 March 30, 2009
1: the character Sasuke off of the anime Naruto

2: the opposite of Gaara and Itachi from the anime Naruto

3: best definition for the kool-aid man
1: Man, that guy off of that show Naruto who is the only one that survived the Uchiha clan is so lame!

2: LAME is so the opposite of Gaara-kun and Itachi-kun!*squeal*(You know it, so just admit it)

3: la+me=Kool-aid man.
by Uchiha Alaska April 01, 2007
synonym for phober and sober
what do you call someone who is phober AND sober?
by Brendan and Stevie November 22, 2005
a fake ass dude. a dude who tries to be hard but is not.
"Man don't mess with that dude, he's a lame."
by cory tee May 02, 2005
to be uncool, to do one's homework at home, instead of in class like the cool people, to be unlike Christy.
Alex is so lame, he actually does his homework at home!
by uh your mom April 28, 2007

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