some one who is boring and doesnt do any thing
ex:"hey you wanna go to the club"
"no imma miss my show"
"man you a lame!"

ex:why you always actin like a lame.
by netali April 21, 2007
Lame, laming, lamed.

JKA, Jedi Knights Academy, jk3 term.

To attack someone who has either their saber down, or their chatbox up.


One who attacks someone who has their chatbox up or saber down.
That little noob over there just lamed me.
by serpagon July 14, 2006
In Internet usage, coming back to a thread/arguement that's been finished with a day or more ago to add some comeback, response, or continuation of said arguement.
April 6, 2006, Jane writes: That stupid poem is all over the net, but everyone wants to claim "a friend of their friend" wrote it.

next post

April 13, 2006, Mary (the topic starter who posted the lame poem in the first place) writes: It doesn't matter who wrote it, the point is it's a good story/point/poem.
by Unnamed Persons April 12, 2006
Something/someone that sucks, something/someone sad.
minchia che lame il durex.
oggi sono troppo lame, ho finito la bamba.
by lamecore April 13, 2009
A person who think they might be cool. such people who are lame might listen to alternative music. Being lame confuses their thought. Most Lame people are named Karen
Karen was a very lame person, everyone no she was the opposite of popular
by Ivan The 3rd October 24, 2007
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