often used to describe how fucked or stupid something/someone is.
also see lamerlewserdickheadidiotasl
That is so lame!
by louis October 17, 2001
adj. lam·er, lam·est
1.Weak and ineffectual; unsatisfactory
2.Eli Roth and the Films he directs, most notably Hostel.
Hostel was so lame that my existence doesn't feel validated so I will kill myself in the most gruesome way possible, except with a blowtorch....which is lame.
by _spin_ April 05, 2006
the southern way to say loser.
Zachary from Akron is a lame cuz he got n2 a fight n ran 2 some dude's porch 2 call his big brother 2 come n pick him up.
by Baby Babz February 16, 2005
Lame(adj)1:An unresponsive body part.
Lame(adj)2:Slang meaning "unlikeable"
Lame(v):The act of being lame
1)The dog had a lame leg
2)That dude is so lame
3)Stupid pk was being lame so I pwned him
by Midas September 17, 2003
describes the everyday life of dawn, boreing and has nothing to do but calls other people lame for not doing a dam thing
dawn-"hey what r u guys doin"
steph- "nothing just sitting here"
dawn- "ur LAME"
steph- "o really what r u doing that is so intersesting dawn"
dawn- " sitiing here with nikki"
steph-" sounds like ur LAme then"
by Porky mcporkchop January 24, 2008
totally freaking awesome
you're pretty lame, you know that?
by PimPee April 04, 2009
some one who is boring and doesnt do any thing
ex:"hey you wanna go to the club"
"no imma miss my show"
"man you a lame!"

ex:why you always actin like a lame.
by netali April 21, 2007
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