Original word means something similar to paralyzed.

Common use is more about being paralyzed from the neck up, stupid, vegetable.
1. I have a lame leg.

2. Man, you are lame.

3. Dude, it's fucking lame using AWP on this map (Counter-Strike) (see AWP)
by FauSt_ January 07, 2003
A word that some girls, particularly the shallow ones, label guys who are intelligent, shy or both. The word nerd also comes to mind. I don't understand that logic, but that's how some girls are, I guess.
Girl 1: Look at that guy over there. Why's he looking all shy? Guys aren't supposed to be shy.
Girl 2: Maybe it's because he's a lame. I bet he doesn't have any friends.
Girl 3: Don't judge that man! For all we know, he may be really intelligent and nice. We should get to...
Girl 2: Yeah, whatever. I still think he's a lame.
Girl 1: You said it, girl. Shy guys are lame.
Girl 3: *sighs*
by Jeff the Outsider March 17, 2009
self explanitory,uncool just...Lame.
man that nigga lame.
by monolog May 06, 2003
To be old, Stale, outdated, just a plain blob of moronic clay
Chongas are so lame, why must they infect others with their lamw-ing lame-yness?
by home dyke April 05, 2006
One who has not adjusted to the most recent popular behaviors; One who tries to imitate popularity, instead of creating it; One who shuns popular behaviours out of jealousy or due to a disintrest in or a disagreement with a popular lifestyle; One for which popularity is an impossiblity.
He doesn't even try to be popular. What a Lame.
by Tom Jackson February 19, 2005
see Neopets.

other synonyms:
waste of time
Guy: Hey, lets play an online virtual pets game.
2ndGuy: Virtual pets games are so Neopets.
Guy: I know, I was kidding, I'd rather suck on a car's tailpipe. Let's go get a pizza and do something that actually is cool.
by Not frozen ever but ready to quit November 27, 2004
To play it cool, be on the low down.
Just be lame brother, i got some dank bud.
by Drew October 23, 2003
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