To play it cool, be on the low down.
Just be lame brother, i got some dank bud.
by Drew October 23, 2003
One who has not adjusted to the most recent popular behaviors; One who tries to imitate popularity, instead of creating it; One who shuns popular behaviours out of jealousy or due to a disintrest in or a disagreement with a popular lifestyle; One for which popularity is an impossiblity.
He doesn't even try to be popular. What a Lame.
by Tom Jackson February 19, 2005
the southern way to say loser.
Zachary from Akron is a lame cuz he got n2 a fight n ran 2 some dude's porch 2 call his big brother 2 come n pick him up.
by Baby Babz February 16, 2005
A person who is not popular,not known by many can be an action that isnt funny or cool
Man that nigga Ryan Stryker is a lame dont nobody like him or anything that he does
by lay-aim April 09, 2003
often used to describe how fucked or stupid something/someone is.
also see lamerlewserdickheadidiotasl
That is so lame!
by louis October 17, 2001
adj. lam·er, lam·est
1.Weak and ineffectual; unsatisfactory
2.Eli Roth and the Films he directs, most notably Hostel.
Hostel was so lame that my existence doesn't feel validated so I will kill myself in the most gruesome way possible, except with a blowtorch....which is lame.
by _spin_ April 05, 2006
Lame(adj)1:An unresponsive body part.
Lame(adj)2:Slang meaning "unlikeable"
Lame(v):The act of being lame
1)The dog had a lame leg
2)That dude is so lame
3)Stupid pk was being lame so I pwned him
by Midas September 17, 2003

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