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Lame (adj) A description of a person or persons who continuously demonstrate weak behavior showing little or no integrity or respect for others wishes due to their own self indulgent obsession with a particular situation. Usually due to ingestion of large amounts of GHB and/or meth combined with sex between incredibly narcissistic individuals. Aka" Circuit Trash". These individuals usually use their lack of self respect as an excuse for their bad behavior.

Lamazoid (adj) - a person who is so continuously lame that they inspire the creation of their own descriptive phrase.
Hey dude, I'm sorry you got arrested for possession. I didn't realize my lame drug dealing lover would use your car as a place to stash his stuff while he distributed it at the club. Is it my fault he over dosed in your car and passed out? I promise next time after you get out of jail we'll let you know first and maybe even share some of the profits.

Hey dude, my lamazoid lover is a professional who proactively hired a lawyer to get him off in anticipation of being arrested. Let this be a lesson to you next time.
by caprock123 August 02, 2010
28 40
When a girl will get naked on cam, but won't show anything
I was talking to my gf and she got naked but only showed her face. It was so lame
by Gazzard July 03, 2011
23 36
Anthony "Twon" Swanson
Boy: Where's Twon?
Girl: At home.
Both: Lame!
by Anthony Swanson November 18, 2010
1 16
something that is boring.
I went to hang out with Rob, but he is lame so everyone left.
by PaulBearer August 11, 2010
5 20
Noun; 1. A person who is fake. Someone who pretends to be your friend but talks shit behind your back

2. A hater
1.Man ronni is a lame.. he told jessica to not get with me me

2. That dude is a lame he is always talking shit on me
by Young Khalifa January 23, 2010
38 55
Liberal Army Media Elitist
The LAME is protecting the truth about Obama
by DrSarcasm July 21, 2010
5 24
Word best described as a person who brings nothing to the table and has no reason to be in anyone's conversations.there is really no good quality for this individual. i hate when he comes to our parties.he is such a lame.

or lames for a group of similar defined individuals.
by Shenaniganz1L1C April 02, 2009
25 44