some one hew ant got no street creed and act like he gangster but he ant known for doing gangster shit but still walk around like he is a threat
man that nigga look gangster. I no him he scared to to hustle he lame
by donvelly February 16, 2010
Jason Motz
Who's lamer? Drew or Nick?

Neither: Jason Motz
by Drewbles December 06, 2010
To be excited for Home Depot's 30% off low flow toilet event.
Question: Is it lame that I'm excited for Home Depot's 30% off low flow toilet event?
Answer: Yes. Yes it is.
by chump2121 August 12, 2010
When a girl will get naked on cam, but won't show anything
I was talking to my gf and she got naked but only showed her face. It was so lame
by Gazzard July 03, 2011
Noun; 1. A person who is fake. Someone who pretends to be your friend but talks shit behind your back

2. A hater
1.Man ronni is a lame.. he told jessica to not get with me me

2. That dude is a lame he is always talking shit on me
by Young Khalifa January 23, 2010
Anthony "Twon" Swanson
Boy: Where's Twon?
Girl: At home.
Both: Lame!
by Anthony Swanson November 18, 2010
Word best described as a person who brings nothing to the table and has no reason to be in anyone's conversations.there is really no good quality for this individual. i hate when he comes to our parties.he is such a lame.

or lames for a group of similar defined individuals.
by Shenaniganz1L1C April 02, 2009

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