Nicole Grevers
Nicole Grevers is lame
by everyone who is cool May 05, 2010
being stupid, weird; doesn't make sense
Dez: hey, trish you wanna join us? Were playing cards but instead of cards were using square slices of cheese;D

Trish: whatever.. stop being lame!
by cutie|bunny|19 January 19, 2012
Something inadequate
Most of the words on Urban Dictionary are lame
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
1. A retarded person and/or animal
2. A person who is uncool, flaky. Used in varying situations that state negative traits in a person
Hannah is so lame, she flaked on coming to my house today.
by M&M807 January 02, 2011
Jason Motz
Who's lamer? Drew or Nick?

Neither: Jason Motz
by Drewbles December 06, 2010
Francisco Cordova
Francisco Cordova is the definition of lame
by ohhdayuuum.7 October 24, 2010
Tom Cruise.
Jon: "How was the movie?"

Jack: "Tom Cruise. Lame. Same difference."
by norskflikka August 27, 2010

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