A person who is just ordinary, plain, not up to date. An outcast, boring, slow or just a nobody. Or who says something that doesn't attract anyone's attention. One who is not cool. Don't quite fit in.
Why should I listen to that lame.
by Mzweezy April 20, 2008
Stupid, retarded or something otherwise unable to grasp your respect.
That class was lamer than F.D.R.
by Shannon November 30, 2004
Words, phrases or individuals that lack unique, interesting or humorous qualities.
Goldfish: I want to watch you while you're making food.
Piranha: You know what, because I am actually a very nice generous person, I will send a picture of me eating it.
Goldfish: You know what, since I am a nice person as well, I am gonna take that picture and send it to both of us.
Piranha: That was so lame.
by vidael June 24, 2008
Noun. A "lame" is a person who is a mark or a square. It refers to a person who is out of the loop or can easily be taken advantage of when running a con. More generally it can be used to describe any bitch-ass nigga! The anti-thesis to a hustler or playa.
If you lames don't pay what you owe I'm gonna lay you out two ways!
by Suvonoge July 20, 2008
A word which needs to used more often, it describes something useless , limp, uncool and genrally from other time periods.
Michael: Wow that was lame.

Matt: FUCK OFF!!!
by Michael Wilde November 20, 2007
Usually refers to the lack of awareness of an individual. A person who is not alert to present culture, style or music is LAME
At 29, Bob still lives with his parents and has lost contact with what is happening in our world. He is so LAME!
by Joe Neubarth July 10, 2005
A term highly looked down upon by college Counselors.

Viewed as a poor substitute for the word gay.

Is often overheard by the one gay and lame person in your vicinity making it impossible to use crude slang to describe shitty situations.
Nicole: Damn I failed my test! This is gay.
Counselor: Gay is an offensive word. What if a homosexual overheard you?
Nameless friend: Yeah... use lame instead.
Counselor: Lame is offensive too. What if a lame person overheard you?
Nameless friend: How often will I be around a lame person.
Counselor: I'm lame, one of my legs is shorter then the other.
by beezy-fo-shezzy January 24, 2008

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