a fake ass dude. a dude who tries to be hard but is not.
"Man don't mess with that dude, he's a lame."
by cory tee May 02, 2005
to be uncool, to do one's homework at home, instead of in class like the cool people, to be unlike Christy.
Alex is so lame, he actually does his homework at home!
by uh your mom April 28, 2007
This alternative expression for 'lol' was invented and popularised by Australian comedians Anna+Mae. It's an acronym, with the letters meaning respectively: "Laughing Almost Manically so Everyone Stares", and is generally used during IM conversations to indicate that one is laughing so much as to attract the attention of anyone in the vicinity.

As stipulated by Anna+Mae during their 2009 show "mirror", LAMES is only to be used in situations of genuine hilarity.
during an IM conversation:
A: "Hey, check out this youtube link."
A: "I know isn't it hilarious???"
L: "Yes!!! But now everyone is staring at me cause I'm at an internet cafe and just laughed really loudly :("
by jamie_creek October 27, 2009
the "corect definition" is crippled or physically disabled, so as to limp or walk with difficulty. But people always use it to say that someone is like boring or dorky or that they are uncool.
1st guy -"hey wut you doin tonite??"
2nd guy - "nothin, stayin home"
1st guy - "thats lame"
by heather509 February 13, 2009
stupid, pointless, troll

see casiotech
Casiotech, the worst troll in the history of trolls, is lame.
by mihalis March 08, 2009
cripplingly uncool.
Kristian walks into a bar. He saunters up to a girl and says, 'hey baby, haven't I seen you here before?'.

The girl kicks him in the nuts, sending him crumpling to the ground, and says, 'Dude, you're fucking lame.'
by Lamebo August 05, 2008
The state of being uncool or a loser. Synonyms would be stupid, fail, or others of the like. Antonyms are awesome, magnificent, brilliant, and Amanda.
I was too afraid to call that girl back when she didn't call me. Man, I'm lame.
by Borracho Gringo October 23, 2008

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