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loser, dweeb, nerd, Chukez, lamonhead, waka-flaka-lame, anyone who is out of touch and socially awkward.
Yo that kid Jahmar is so lame, he has no steez whatsoever.
by Chukes January 01, 2011
79 79
When a girl will get naked on cam, but won't show anything
I was talking to my gf and she got naked but only showed her face. It was so lame
by Gazzard July 03, 2011
23 37
Jason Motz
Who's lamer? Drew or Nick?

Neither: Jason Motz
by Drewbles December 06, 2010
3 16
Francisco Cordova
Francisco Cordova is the definition of lame
by ohhdayuuum.7 October 24, 2010
8 21
something that is boring.
I went to hang out with Rob, but he is lame so everyone left.
by PaulBearer August 11, 2010
6 20
Anthony "Twon" Swanson
Boy: Where's Twon?
Girl: At home.
Both: Lame!
by Anthony Swanson November 18, 2010
1 16
Noun; 1. A person who is fake. Someone who pretends to be your friend but talks shit behind your back

2. A hater
1.Man ronni is a lame.. he told jessica to not get with me me

2. That dude is a lame he is always talking shit on me
by Young Khalifa January 23, 2010
38 55
Liberal Army Media Elitist
The LAME is protecting the truth about Obama
by DrSarcasm July 21, 2010
5 24