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1. (n.) One who hates on metal bands
2. (v.) The act of being a TOTAL dick and loving band that suck like Culture Vulture/StepCousins/TheChandails/DyerMayhem/and Galante's "band"
3. (v.) The act of giving a band an alaskan pipeline (see:
OMG u "Lame McShamed" me!!!

OMG did u see that "Lame McShame" in his POS 80's denim jacket!!!

If "Lame McShane" wasn't so busy giving the other bands alaskan pipelines, he would actually know what real music is.
#jfk #lee harvey oswald #jack ruby #bston pancake #alaskan pipeline #dick
by Alaskan Pipeliner January 27, 2009
An odd man who likes to listen to shitty music, yet thinks he is a bad ass.

A person who steals funny rollers and ties them to fences

Someone who loves culture vulture
Lame Mcshame stop stealing my funny roller it costs over 1.5 million dollars, this is not a funny joke
#alaskan pipeline #manpanion #lamb of god #booty call #eifel tower #pimp hand
by anoop the manpanion March 25, 2010
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