some of the most unreliable cars on the planet. when their owners are not busy speeding or cruising down boulevards like total tools, they are worrying about radio dials falling off, windows getting stuck in the halfway position, and cylinders popping out of their gaskets.
the lamborghini murcielago is a particularly bad one
by bopyloo April 04, 2012
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FAST Ass car... sex machine
damn that ghini
by sup May 28, 2003
An Italian Exotic famous for it's sleek, ominous styling and scissor doors. The Lamborghini is twice superior than Ferrari with a price tag of about half as much. Also voted #1 car of the 20th century by DuPont Registry magazine.
Nice Ferrari 360 Spyder man. Too bad you could have got 2 Lamborghini Diablos for the same cost and beat that Ferrari with either Lambo!
by Matthew Calkins May 13, 2005
Italian sports car manufacturer, creators of the Miura, Countach, Diablo, and Murciélago, among many others. Now owned by Volkswagen AG.
Despite not being racebred like Ferrari, Lamborghini has built some of the fastest and most beautiful cars in the world.
by K-Juice March 15, 2005
also called a lambo this car was designed by ferruccio lamborghini who made his fortune by building tractors when he made his millions he went and bought a ferrari and drove it and when he met enzo ferrari (the man who started ferrari motors dah!) he complained about it and enzo told mr. lambo if he can make a better car do it then so he did and now most people think he has beaten the ferrari for the tittle of king of italies super car market
" i drove a lamborghini and it was pretty impressive"
by vinny92 October 23, 2005
Italian sports car maker from the '60s. It's founder originally made tractors. It's 1st successful car was the P400 Miura, of which the best was 1971's Miura SV. Made the Countach in the '70s and '80s and the Diablo in the '90s. Now has two models, the $288k scissor-door V12-powered Muricelago, and the much cheaper Gallardo.
Dude, did you see that '89 Lamborghini Countach? That was awesome.
by MrLamboGuy November 30, 2005
Very fast, exotic, super duper sexy, Italian cars. Because Italians make the best and sexiest cars. The Lamborghini logo contains a bull representing for its power and agility. Sexy azz car!!
I was rollin' down da street in my super fly Lamborghini
by Nataly4everCS May 04, 2007
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