The man behind the shittiest piece of legislation the U.S. government ever came up with. He is a Republican from Texas and does not deserve a second more in office.
Lamar Smith is another retarded asshole with too much power, it is amazing that anonymous ignores him.
by mrbigmclargehuge January 17, 2012
Top Definition
A messy, unflushable bowel movement that has been left in the toilet even though a plunger was readily available.
OK, which one of you left a Lamar Smith in the upstairs bathroom? I'm not cleaning that up.
by fightsopa January 10, 2012
The asshole who introduced the SOPA bill (Otherwise known as the shittiest pice of legislation ever introduced to the U.S. government).
Lamar Smith, the biggest fuck to ever be.
by icutu7 January 19, 2012
The fucker behind SOPA!
That Lamar Smith dude is trying to fuck the internet in the ass!
by TNBAM January 19, 2012
Another term for "faggot" or "piece of shit."
"Dude, that wasn't funny at all. You're such a Lamar Smith."
by dreamthrow January 24, 2012

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