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a word meaning "Love You"; put together into one word.
i lalu chikkita, goodnight :)
by roe rizzy roacha February 24, 2010
56 25
a lalu means a person is being a frekin idiot.
you are such a lalu.
by sarsi July 22, 2006
53 28
Adjective describing someone with high levels of intelligence, and god-like features.
Likes to use its wits against feeble-minded people.

-"Oh! I wish I could be a little bit more lalu."
-"Pete is so lalu, he dissed that hoe to oblivion."
by Master P July 13, 2003
22 25
A freaky person who doesn't know that he or she is freaky.
Man, you're a lalu
by H.Wangster April 30, 2003
16 22
a person who suffer from sexual frustration
My coloc is a real lalu
by iris December 13, 2003
17 28
Alienated mass of bone and skin, this organism needs to rely solely on his whits to survive. He usually is quite good at it, although sometimes he tempts Death with insulting messages on the internet towards his enemies.
syn. : homo-feebleus, homo-uregonnagetbeatenupeus, ...
natural predator : wong
weapon against predators : bribes and beer are the only known.
by Le Phat Robert July 15, 2003
7 21