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Lala refers to marijuana. Heard mostly in inner city areas.
A: Hey man, you got that lala?
B: Ya dude, what you need?
A: Yea, can i get a slice of that shit?
B: Yea man.
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
25 15
fat whore that nobody likes and thinks they have friends
that girl at my school is a lala
by sraeps kered44444444 September 25, 2009
1 17
La-la is a euphanism for a vague sexual action. Word was first used in the Ashlee Simspon song "la-la".
you make me want to la-la
by J-Skittle January 31, 2005
8 24
Term used when describing an action of jumping up and down.
You make me wanna lala, because I'm so excited to see you!
by CrazySBO May 11, 2006
7 25
a song by ashlee simpson
"you make me wanna lala in the kitchen on the floor, ill be a french maid when i meet you at the door"
by disconnected April 11, 2005
12 30
she hooked up with ludacris after moving to atlanta...they are not related
ludacris and lala are not related
by E Five December 13, 2004
16 34
a nicer way of speaking or refering to a girls vaginia
She has a sweet la la
by Rave behind the wall January 11, 2008
9 28
A person from LA visiting any other place but LA. See gaper.
All the Lalas are up this weekend with their hummers and ugg boots
by grrrrr May 16, 2005
7 26