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A high school built in the NE Atlanta area around 1964 that soon after suffered the humiliation of racial integration when the 2000+ white population was forced to endure the company of 6 negroes. Some of the younger male negroes were forced by some of the redneck kids to wait to take showers in PE class until AFTER the white boys were done, as they were rumored to have tails. Strangely, the "tails" were seen to be in the front. As the decades passed, the black population of Lakeside has surged and today they even have a FLAG group (Friends of Lesbians And Gays), often called "FLAGGOTS" by some of the redneck kids (bullies).
When I graduated from Lakeside High School in 1969, the school reeked of snobbery from the rich white kids. Now the school has degenerated into disrepair, after the collapse of the middle class and the population surge by the Housewives of Atlanta groupies and the huge influx of Mexicanos. The nearby neighborhoods are falling apart with alarm company signs in everyone's front yard.
by Frediam October 14, 2011
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