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Pretty much the nicest town around, it has beaches, trees, views and big houses. So what if it's rich and white all the haters who say it's lame are just jealous because they live in ghetto shoreline. LFP is safe, nice, and you have the mall and beach clubs to keep you entertained.
by LFP kid June 01, 2009
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A hella rich depressing town. Lots of trees so you lose power all the time. Posers and longboarders chill at LFP mall where there's not much going on. Go to Alderwood or Northgate, losers. Shitty lake views and all the forests give teens lots of places to smoke dope. Maybe not quite as many stoners as the Muk or Shoreline, but it's close.
Dude, let's go to Lake Forest Park mall!! There's so much to do!!!

Shut up poser, nobody likes you. Enjoy your shitty Civic Club and Third Place Books, I'm going to a real place.
by omgwtfz0mfgh4t3rs April 20, 2009
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the most ridiculous excuse for a town ever known to man kind. full of rich preppy kids and the "longboard crews". next to beautiful lake washington, but you can't go there unless you have a membership to one of the two beach clubs. the most interesting thing to do is to go to the town center where you can find most of the student population of kellogg middle school.
"hey, let's go to lake forest park"

"why the hell would we do that?"
by emilija & caity July 27, 2008
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