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The best fucking Lake in Northern Cali!
Lake Mendocino is the best- I don't know WHY- but all I know is that it is.
I have been going to that lake for hella years- like since I was like... a baby and shit...

This year for Memorial Day Weekend- we got the best campsite their. My 2 good friends Addie RosalesAND Tianna Smart are goign and we are going to get FUCKED UP!!!!!

May 27-31st. :D
My friends and I were in my dads old truck and we were all really drunk- screaming and swearing- so the guy who owned that campsite called the cops on us- and I told him to "Suck A dick"- so I got the cops called on me and was puking the whole night

Another example of Lake Mendocino- is when my dads friend Steve Carney took his boat out on the lake at like- 1 AM- and he ran out of gas- so he was stranded out their for the whole night.... Yup- Good times...
by Remy's Bitch February 08, 2005

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