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A town with an approximate population of 1200 in the dead center of Michigan. It has an excellent educational system and very few ethnic citizens. It should be noted, that this is despite the fact that the town has been non segregated for nearly an entire decade.

Upon entering the town, one will spot its well known mantra of "Laingsburg, the town where men are men and sheep are scared."
Did you hear? They finally allowed African Americans into Laingsburg.

Huzzah! I wonder if any of them would be interested in purchasing some sheep?
by Peylon Manmeer January 03, 2011
An awesome sauce town in the middle of Michigan.
Also called Laingstucky, The Burg, or L-Town.
"I'm going to move to Laingsburg!"
"No ways homie!"
by Faythe Kcilah July 10, 2008
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