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A girl with brown hair and blue eyes who is really nice and has big dreams, usually smiles a lot.
Guy1:"Dude, did you see that girl at the party last night? She was so chill and awesome."
Guy2:"I know, she's such a Laine."
by Brady Jones February 07, 2009
is a classy lady that is confident but not arrogant with a vibrant personality
motivated, amibitious, charming, witty, loving, loyal, cool, laidback, beautiful inside and out, deep thinker, caring, chill, intoxicating, seductive
Laine wants to make a difference in the world.

You see that girl Laine she's bad...she might be out of my league.

Laine is soo chill.. she's a really cool lady.
by thetalented1 February 05, 2010
If you have this name you are stone cold sexy, super smart, generous, sweet, and classy. Brunette with style and grace. Loyal and a friend for life. Men want you and women want to be you. You ruin any man for any other woman if he is lucky enough to get 5 seconds in your presence. A booty that makes you want to cry. But be wise. Cross her and you'll wish you were never born. You treat her right and she'll make you the happiest on earth.
You're so lucky, you got a Laine.
by One2Watch October 29, 2011
a beautiful girl with gorgeous blue eyes, a nice ass, nice boobs, and a cute personality. she can kiss and she is always popular.
boy1: who is that stunning girl? i want to date her. no i want to marry her.
boy2: i would give anything to have a girl like that.
boy3: i had a girl like that and i was a dick and she dumped me. i would do anything to have another laine like that.
by laxxxxx69 November 21, 2010
An amazing girl who kicks butt at any Algebra quiz, gives great hugs and can sing her butt off. Girls, be jealous, guys, cover your balls and run for your lives.
Bitchy Girl #1: Oh my gosh, it's Laine! I wonder if she'll help me with my homework even though she's two years younger than me?

by trekkiechick<3 May 08, 2009
a beautiful and sweet girl with gorgeous blue eyes, nice boobs, and a cute personality. she can really kiss and is always popular.
boy1: who is that stunning girl? i want to date her. no i want to marry her.
boy2: she is the girl of my dreams. i'll fight you for her.
boy3: dude she's a laine you don't stand a chance.
by laxxxx69 November 21, 2010
That one guy... you know he does that thing, whats it called?
he hangs out at the spot, downtown, once in a while... you'll know him right away by that distinctive whats-it-called he does with his you-know-what.

see also: the bees' knees, wielder of ultimate awesomeness, master of getting catchy songs stuck in your head.
"Oh! That's him over there! Yeah, that guy, its totally Laine."
by boogabooger February 04, 2010
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