A crappy show on MTV. After everybody there went to college or got a life, MTV producers decided to make more shows about rich kids living in an exclusive coastal city. For example:

1. The Hills: a show about Lauren's life working for Teen Vogue Magazine and her drama with Heidi.

2. Maui Fever: a cheap show that took place in Hawaii about rich kids who talk about each other. Luckily, the show never made it to season 2.

#. Newport Harbor: A place north of Laguna Beach, the show is full of fake blondes and some guy named Clay. In the end, they all leave for college.
Lauren and Heidi were friends in Laguna Beach, But in The Hills, they hate each other because of Heidi's BF.
by Other Person October 13, 2007
A show for the shallow They all try and pretend they are straight edge by wearing big X's the next time they go out to some dumb bimbo's party but they are lying. We know they are sluts that LOVE to drink and have sex. This show is all about ''Blah blah blah'' ''Jason this'' ''Cameron did that'' ''Lexie's a whore'' Newsflash: Nobody gives a fuck.
Laguna Beach girl 1: Oh My Gawd, Talon left me for that whore Raquel. I'm so upset

Laguna Beach girl 2: Yeah what a tramp Hey, let's go trash her party tonight!

Me: *kills both of them*
by Kristin and Kristen Company November 08, 2006
The most boring show ever.
Why in the world do people watch Laguna Beach? These people are stupid and uninteresting. It doesn't matter whether or not it's a reality show. Either way, it's so damn boring. No story, no interesting characters, no genuine emotion or genuine anything, for that matter. Just pretty people and pretty cars and pretty houses and pretty beaches that are all completely meaningless.
by hwbrgdtse December 20, 2005
1. A rad town where crazed vegans wear the same pair of pants for nine months straight and give up showering; where water polo players are in the dance show and no one gives it a second thought; where I can see the ocean from my seat in chemistry; and where everyone seems to listen to Le Tigre and 50 Cent is a joke.
2. A show regurgitated by Mtv. They came to our school, took the 5 most photogenic people, gave them fake nicknames, and made them pretend they were really friends. Please don't judge my town by what Mtv tells you, it's actually pretty rad here.

(p.s. zraickenater, i know where you live...)
1. I go to Laguna Beach High School! I can play football and be in the musical and no one will beat me up!!

2. Let's watch Laguna Beach, the Real O.C. and watch LC go get sushi for half an hour!!! RIVETING.
by asetfahjnresrafdswes May 09, 2005
Personally, I happen to like the show Laguna Beach, but it's just that. A SHOW!!! GET OVER IT!!! It's on MTV so everybody knows Laguna Beach isn't really like that.
OMG!!! I absolutely hate that show. I have nothing better to do than to whine about it. The world is gonna end because of a show like Laguna Beach!!!
by ~CA~FREAK August 15, 2007
Laguna Beach is my hometown and no one is that perfect. Some of my friends are like that but it make us seen like where these spoiled rich brats.
Hey lets go shopping and spend my daddies money on $600 shoes
by Blumberg July 27, 2005
A small town in southern california that is nothing like the show. they only pick rich people and make them look richer. I live in Laguna Beach and its rich, but not that rich. The show sucks and so does mtv. and anyone who this laguna beach is just like the show, go fuck yourself because its not and your just a lonely douche bag who is 35 years old and lives with his mom and finds little girls on myspace who jacks off to their pictures and then trys to meet with them and then trys to rape them and winds up getting their ass arrested then theyre the ones who get ass raped in jail.... you sick fucks... ya so laguna beach is over rated and people stop coming here because if you try coming on a saturday in the middle of august then you are screwed because you will be sitting in traffic for 2 hours just trying to get into town... then you have find a parking spot which is just as fun. we already have too many tourists who bring their $5 sav-on boogey boards and try to ride the white wash... so ya stay away. you guys suck
Hey Billy and Jim us 909ers should go to Laguna Beach and try to boogey board in the water and get in everybodys way!!! we are soo cool because we are going to laguna beach!! the real OC!!! yesss we are cool! now lets go rape some 14 year old girl! yess!!!
by Zraickenator April 05, 2005

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