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The application of ricotta cheese to your own and/our another person's vagina to increase the pleasures of sexual intercourse.
"Dude, last night i totally got some lagina. It felt good and it tasted great."
by Jarson January 11, 2009
22 17
The crevice, or fleshy divot, resulting from the tension of unduly tight clothing on a man's genitalia. It specifically refers to the testicular area, and the ridge that becomes visible between the testes. Often referred to as camel-toe when such clothing is worn by and pressed against a woman's genitalia.
Did you see that guy's 70's shorts? He's got some major lagina happening!
by jose felipe May 09, 2006
52 16
Its a large, gross, gonereia filled vagina that if come in contact with you will get a fucked up disease.
Hoes and prostitues carry them

if green stay away
by nutsack101 May 03, 2009
2 24
Slang for Latin Vigina; refers to latino or mexican pussy
Chris: WHOA! Look at that nice lagina!
by Alex Gravelle December 14, 2005
18 55