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A scroller or flooder in an online chat room. Someone that sends large amounts of text to lag others on the same server.
Dude, that lag fag just crashed the server connection!
by Dakota January 28, 2005
A slang (but not necessarilly derrogative) term for students at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. More commonly known as just LaGuardia. Perhaps referencing to LaGuardia's large population of "out" homosexuals. Perhaps referencing to the fact that in the long run, we're just cooler and more talented than everyone else.
Jim: Hey Todd. Can you chill with us over at Columbus Circle today?

Todd: Naw man, I'm smoking up with the lag fags. you know they got the best shit!
by OmiOmi September 02, 2006
A man that realizes he is gay halfway through the life cycle of a typical American Male. This person will usually come out of the closet after they have already had children and a stable Career. The rest is nothing but pure akwardness.
Me: Dude John Travolta is gay!!!
You: Yeah, I know, its like when a gamer with bad internet who takes 7 seconds to shoot
Me: Yeah he's lagging big time in his gayness
You: Lol, what a lag fag
by itsdoubleD January 15, 2011
The name for a Gamer who uses the excuse of internet lag to hide the fact that he/she is actually terrible at the game in question.
Jo - Fuck that shit, that bitch shot me and i didn't even see him. Fuck this Lag.
Tongano - Your a Lag Fag
by Chichichubachua June 11, 2009
a person who fucks with you gaming experince by having the most shit internet speed
undead hybusa- whos the lagfag lagging out the game

lagwagon- my internet is just runnig a bit slow at the moment

undead hybusa- FUCK YOU. with the amount of lag going on i think your on fucking dail up

by undead hybusa December 17, 2007
A person who causes lag on your computer; a person with a laggy connection
Gah, this lagfag should change his name
by Cowboysfan13 December 28, 2010
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