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A hypothetical boner on a woman. The term is, obviously, used only in speech and cannot be shown physically; it is intangible.
In text messages, for example:

Person: Does this turn you on?

You: Noooo... (hides ladyboner)
by machine21@crossfade March 16, 2011
A disgusting way to express a girls hornyness by relating it to a guys boner.
Lauren Macaroni: Uhh mike ur so hot you gave me a lady boner.

Mike Nipples: No... just no.
by Joenipples February 27, 2012
When a lady gets aroused and her tits become hard. Also may refer to her clit becoming engorged or pussy becoming wet.
I messed around with my gf before I got on my computer today, and my fingers are stained with the reak of her vag. Also I bit her titties really hard and gave her a massive Ladyboner.
by BustaHymen September 07, 2011
A more sophisticated form of the Girl Boner. Can refer to any person or object in which the lady has an obsession with.
The Queen has a Lady Boner for the chardonnay. Ke$ha has a girl boner for the boxed-wine.
by Nate dog da boss November 27, 2010
When a woman's clit wiggles !
Chase : My girlfriend got a mad lady boner..

Friend: how fast did it wiggle
by Old Greg Jim Bob Handy Pants January 09, 2011
When a woman gets turned on by another woman or gay man.
woman/gay man: "I want to pounce on you."
other: "You gave me a ladyboner."
by Mel-i October 29, 2006
The feeling that you get in your chest when something exciting is happening. Or when you think about something that excites you. Happens MOSTLY with women. Feels like a bomb is about to go off in your chest.
Before I went on my date, I had a massive Lady Boner.
by Ivana Dick. March 30, 2011