When a woman gets turned on by another woman or a gay man
Oh my god! Chyna is so HOT! She gives me lady wood all the time!
by sizlutchyna May 27, 2005
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The much fabled female erection, oft times intangible but, on occasion, noticeable through a marginal swelling of the labia.
Wow Daniel, your seductive tone sure gives me lady wood... just look at these swollen flaps!
by DElmon September 13, 2010
1. (horticultural) A perennial bud found in moist valleys, amidst ferns, and which like to nestle up against redwoods.
2. (anatomical) A perineal bud found in moist valleys, amidst pubes, and which like to be jostled by redwoods. A clit.
1. and 2. "For Valentine's Day, do something special. Give her LADYWOOD."
~ failed marketing ploys of HM&B corporation.

(First heard in NBC's Will & Grace)
by HMB February 10, 2004
The sexual arousal of a woman.
Upon seeing that new sports car, she says "Oh my, its giving me LadyWood."
by Taylor CHurches December 20, 2007
A crappy place i visited in Birmingham, England which is full of druggys and gangs of theives...
<Person one> Comin to ladywood?

<Person two> I wish to live thank you very much..
(Even clothes get robbed)
by Daniel jajaraja June 18, 2005
A state of extreme excitement brought on by the sight, taste, sound or thought of something uber-gay.
JOSH: Girl, did you taste that Quiche George at brunch?

TOM: Hell yes! I totally got a ladywood!
by Matt8008 March 25, 2010

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